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North Ryde, Australia.

High Speed Terry Towel Loom

The high-speed rapier terry towel loom is capable of carrying out free terry switching from 3 to 7 wefts. It also carries out an automatic weft density change during operation. Not only does it carry out weaving of normal terry fabrics, but the loom is also used for weaving pile-loop fabric, pique terry, wavy terry, one-sided terry and other high-level terry fabrics. This rapier loom features electronic let off, electronic take up, reed movement loop device and an electronic control unit.

Technical Specification

Width 190, 210, 230, 260, 280, 300, 360, 380(cm)
Drive device Super motor, direct drive
Speed 300 - 500RPM (designed by material and width)
Open device Adopt electronic dobby and jacquard loom,20healds electronic dobby at most
Raising height 0 - 12mm
Up wrap let – off Adopt electronic let-off,independent electronic control system, easy to adjust and control the up warp
Yarn woven Short fiber Nm4 - Nm200, Long fiber tex1.7 -tex380
Raising Special electronic raising device and patents designing
Weaving adaptability All kinds of terry towel productions
Weft variability Self-control by electronic let-off and electronic take-up, satisfied all kinds of terry towel productions
Down wrap let-off Weaving beam diameter 800mm
Up wrap let-off Weaving beam diameter 1000mm
Control and examine Adopt microcomputer control system, Electronic let-off, Electronic weft selecting, Automatic wefting, self-check, LCD etc
Let-off method Electronic let-off
Take-up method Electronic take-upThe machine can be installed in large volume, maximum diameter of 1500mm