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North Ryde, Australia.

16/24/32A Electronic High Speed Jacquard

This 32A electronic jacquard is equipped with WGT control system with built in touch screen monitor. It is packed with some extra ordinary technical profiles such as Ethernet data transfer, data encryption mode to protect data and online editing mode to make changes into fabric settings. These features make it too easy to use. It has oil-bath gear transmission and is suitable for large needle number machine.

Technical Specification

Hook number 1408, 2688, 3200, 4096, 5120 (16A type) 5376, 6912, 7680 (24A type) 8960, 9216, 10240, 12288, 20480 (32A type)
Hook number 1142-33280
Suitable machine type High speed rapier loom, Air-jet, Water-jet, Gripper loom
Suitable speed 800RPM
Opening height 50-120mm
Fabric cycle number 200000
Pattern input USB/network transmission
Technical feature Patent technology wallboard oil-bath gear transmission, stable and reliable, suitable for large needle number machine
Features WGT Electronic Jacquard machine control system uses color touch screen, USB data inputs, Ethernet data transfer, which is very efficient and reliable. Data encryption mode effectively protects the texture file security; Online editing mode makes it easy to complete file modifications;Thumbnail display makes it convenient for file selection accuracy. Main board takes single loop control mode; Components have magnet protection, Isolation design of control circuit
Transmission type All oil-bath gear
Connection method Vertical shaft/motor drive independently
The highest speed 650RPM