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North Ryde, Australia.

High Speed Label Loom

Label Loom adopts the world advanced CAD weaving system and be equipped with the top grade loom, compact structure, design, high efficiency, excellent quality, low cost. Computer control system with self- check and finding a remote control system automatic pick.

Technical Specification

Speed of the lathe 1.2m of width 650 turns, 1.6m of width 550 turns
Control drive Loom cam shaft drive, Helix wefting, Self-control start and perfect, Rapid braking reactor
Weaving material Polyester yarn, Cotton, Natural silk etc
Electronic let-off take-up control Adopt microprocessor synchronous running, Two relative independent servomotor, Prepare for control weft density, guarantee the perfect weaving and avoid operation trail
Product Label, Tie cloth, Lace, Arm band, Painting and Handicraft article etc
Hot - cut and complete scald Automatic constant temperature,Automatic regulating current
Specification 6set 20cm per set, 8set 20cm per set, (according to the customer's requirement)
Jacquard CX1344 CX2688 MODE or STAUBLI 1344, 2688 or other mode
Control system Random computer,Automatic control,Self-check, Automatic wefting, High wisdom
Heddle spring Export ramie, Heddle twine, Board heddle twine, Wire - heddle frame spring with the good characteristics abrasion proof, Long service life, Non - extension, etc
Let-off Flange Dia-Positive easing
Servo electronic let-off
Middle scissors mechanical type (Tisser double width)
Electric type
Take-up Max take up Dia. - 600mm - Outer Coiling of machine is 1500mm
Pick density - 9.8-118 picks/cm
Length count - board display fixed measure stop
Side brace - overhead