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North Ryde, Australia.

2020 High Speed Air Jet Loom

High speed Air jet loom is the independently intellectual property multi purpose weaving machine. It is extremely easy to run with less manpower. It comes with mechanical cutter, oil bath system for main drive and electromagnet break to stop direct drive. The annual output can reach 2000 sets.

Technical Specification

Reed space Nominal - 190, 210, 230, 260, 280, 340,360cm Useful reed width - Same as nominal width Max reduction 60cm (190-260cm) & 80cm (280-360cm)
Beating Crank beating
4 (190 - 280 cm)
4 Links (Reed space 280cm)
6 (280 -360 cm)
6 Links(Reed space 280 cm)
Intermediate rocking supporter
Speed 1200 rounds per minute
Filling Supply Stand Floor-mounted for 4 packages(2c), for8(4c)for10(6c)
Drive Super starting motor
Direct drive stop by electromagnet brake
Cutter Mechanical cutter
Weft insertion Main and sub-nozzles combined system - Stretch nozzle
Auxiliary main nozzle
Profiled reed
Lubrication Oil bath system for main drive parts, centralized lubrication (manual grease) electric centralized lubrication
Shedding Positive cam: shaft up to 10
Dobby: shaft up to 20
electronic jacquard 800mm
Auto stop motion Weft broken - Refiective weft feeler
Warp broke - Six rows Electric feeling system
Other - Stop for selvage and cord yarn
Stop cause indication - Message on board, 4-colors lamp for indicating cause
Let-off Flange Dia-Positive easing
Servo electronic let-off
Middle scissors mechanical type (Tisser double width)
Electric type
Take-up Max take up Dia. - 600mm - Outer Coiling of machine is 1500mm
Pick density - 9.8-118 picks/cm
Length count - board display fixed measure stop
Side brace - overhead