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North Ryde, Australia.

9700 High Speed Shuttle Less Rapier

9700 High Speed rapier machine is a perfect combination of engineering and technology. It is a multi purpose weaving machine with reed space up-to 4000 mm. It is easy to use for new fabric production. Equipped with highly efficiency three-phase induction motor, an annual output of 9600 rapier model can reach to 3000 set.

Technical Specification

Reed space 1200 – 4000mm
Lubrication Central and automatic lubrication style grease lubricated
Speed 650turns per minute
Automatic stop motion Electronic automatic stop motion if wrap breaks or weft breaks
The range of weaving Natural fibers (Cotton, Wool, Hemp) Chemical fiber, Blended yarn etc
Let–off motion Load – sensor control warp let–off system
Weft selector 8 -12 colors single or double wefts weaving
Weft selector 8 -12 colors single or double wefts weaving
Take – up motion Electronic control take–up system
Weft density 1.5 – 200wefts/cm
Control system Liquid crystal display
Reed drive Bilateral drive, Conjugated cam battening system
Monitor Self-diagnosis, stop analysis report
Machine drive High efficiency three- phase induction motor, Electromagnetic clutch unit and the slay electrostatic pick – finding