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24D Electronic High Speed Jacquard

This powerful machine is easy to install and suitable for all kind of weaving machineries such as high speed, air-jet, water-jet, rapier, projectile loom. Electronic jacquard machine is mainly composed of the Gear institutions, Pick-up needle institutions of components and computer control system. It is extremely simple structure and provides stable performance. Model 24D has low malfunction and easy to maintain module. The open model adopts after plug-fuse types. This model has a power that can achieve speed up-to 650 RPM.

Technical Specification

Hooks 5120, 5376, 6144, 6912, 7680, 8448
Special all oil-bath gear, Crank shaft transmission and great design of all oil conjugate cam driven transmission, Which is suitable for the needs of different speed and different load and ensures the machine running stable and reliably.
Suitable machine High-speed,Air-jetloom,Water-jetloom,Rapierloom, projectile loom
Low malfunction, Easy to maintain
Opening height 50-120mm
Jacquard network function
Patterns uploading USB
Electronic magnet timing protection
Methods of transmission Oil bath conjugate cam driven
Electricalon-linedetectiontechnology,Overcurrent protection
Methods of connection Vertical shaft/servo independently drives
Usearrayorsinglelooptechnology,reducedata transmission during weaving process
Highest speed 650 RPM
Large needle number, Small volume, Easy to maintain drive control isolation design, Intelligent touch – screen terminal
Technical Features Uses all oil-bath conjugate cam driven transmission, runs very stably with high speed